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Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Against Animal Damage?


Most homeowner insurance policies include some level of coverage for pet or animal damage, but it is limited to certain situations. These policies do not typically cover damage to your personal property, such as your furniture or other belongings, if they were damaged by your own pet. However, if your pet damages another person’s property, you may be covered depending upon the terms of your policy.

Liability Insurance: Your Homeowners Insurance Policy and Animal Damage

Typical homeowners insurance policies includes liability insurance. Should your dog bite a guest or someone in your neighborhood, you may be covered. Every policy is different, and if you have concerns about the level of liability coverage you have, it may be wise to get your policy reviewed on this point alone. The type of dog breed or what could be considered to be an “unconventional pet” could impact the liability coverage you have, so ensure you fully understand the fine print in your liability coverage.

Animal Pests on Your Property

Unfortunately, most homeowner policies do not cover the cost of getting rid of pests such as rats or squirrels that have taken up residence at your home. But there are some specific situations in which you could be covered for animal damage. This is true in some instances if your home has been seriously damaged by a storm and animals “move in” before the structure could be repaired. The takeaway here is that you need to keep a close eye on your property and if pests have invaded, then you need to take action.

Talk to a Local Agent about your Homeowners Insurance

Our team of local agents is always ready to help our friends and neighbors with any questions about homeowner policy coverage associated with the possibility of animal damage. Whether you own an unusual pet or there are wild animals who like to visit your property, you deserve to know how much potential damage will be covered. Call us for an evaluation of your policy – there may be better options out there that provide you with a higher level of coverage and protection at a lower rate.

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